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In most communities or societies today, success is defined by most people as having it all! Meaning that they have achieved success in each area such as career, relationships, family, finance etc and would give themselves 10 out of 10. However from a coaching perspective this is rarely the case. The Old Way of Coaching to Achieve Goals Back in the day, many coaches used this template to guage where you were in your life
The idea is that you give each area a score out of 10 and this shows the areas you need to work on with your coach. So it’ll end up looking something like this …
So in this example the person would start with the lowest scoring area and then work up. They would look at their social life, then health and then recreation. The New Way of Coaching to Achieve Specific Goals With Fasterpreneur Coaching or Consulting, we work completely differently and no two clients are alike. Our approach is a 4 step process:
  1. Ask the client what their goal is
  2. Ask specific questions to identify the blocks in either their mindset, body energy or at a soul level. This can take 2- 3 sessions depending on the nature of the blocks
  3. Release the blocks for that particular goal
  4. Usually the goal is achieved within 3-5 days once the blocks are fully releasedExample: A 34 year old divorcee client who wants to find a relationship that will lead to a more successful and lasting marriage
In 2-3 sessions, we identify that she has the following blocks:
  1. She has emotional blocks around marriage due to her first marriage
  2. One ancestral block on her father’s side around fidelity in relationships
  3. Three past life blocks – one with her mother, one with her first husband and one with her sister
  4. Blocks from limiting beliefs and conditioning she took on from her parents
Overall there are 8 categories of blocks but in 12 years, we’ve never worked with anyone with a block in each category. Usually it averages around 3-4 categories. So how do we release the energy blocks? It really depends on the nature of the block. Some blocks just release as if they have turned into smoke, others have to be released by visualisation techniques or via a method using the governing meridians on the top of our head. In the last 12 years, we have realised the following about energy blocks: a) Nobody ever has to address a block more than once b) Sometimes the block isn’t your. It’s from friends, family or peers. c) Physical pain especially chronic pain comes from an emotional root or cause d) We have worked with over 10,000 people e) There hasn’t been a block yet that we couldn’t release For more details about your own blocks and goals, use the enquiry form on the contact us page here >>